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Thank you for choosing to work with me!

I am excited to begin this journey together and have compiled some critical client information below.


Business Hours

We are open from 10am to 6pm PST. Monday through Sunday.

Meeting times outside of those hours are sometimes also available, please communicate with us your needs and we'll be able to figure out a way to accommodate.



If there is an emergency outside of the above office hours, please note that text message would be the best way to contact me.



In general, email or text is the best way to communicate with me. You can expect an email response between 24-48 hours MAXIMUM. Although, it is usually a much faster response time than that.

I am available via text during business hours.


Social Media Clients

All of my social media packages include monthly phone chats but I am also available for pre-arranged phone, in person or zoom meetings. All you have to do is just shoot me a message to schedule those in advance.


Invoicing: Photography

Invoicing begins the day you decide to book me. The 30% deposit locks in your shoot date and the remainder of your balance is due IN FULL the day before your shoot.


Invoicing: Social Media

We specialize in developing high engaging content. Hopefully it is understood that we put an ample amount of time and energy into your accounts to ensure the content is of quality. Because of this, we require a 50% deposit upon booking your social media services. Final payment will be due upon delivery of calendar.


Invoicing: General

Invoicing will be sent through Quickbooks. We are able to take credit, debit or ACH transfer. I also accept venmo and cashapp for those who this might apply to.


Payment Plans

Due to unfortunate circumstances, payment plans for Social Media clients are no longer available.



Please see your contract for details on termination.


Additional Expenses

Each client is responsible for booking their own makeup. hair and studio for photoshoots. However, I do have recommendations for all of the above :)

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