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Imposter Syndrome explained Imposter Syndrome as "the persistent inability to believe that one's success is deserved or has been legitimately achieved as a result of one's own efforts or skills."

I just call it, that bitch in my head that wont let me be great.

This blog for example (or lack there of for 2+ years) has been a direct result of my inability to believe that I am actually as creative and capable as I think I am. I had all the excuses in the world to not write this article . "I'm too busy" as I sat in my room and watched Sister Sister re-runs for the 2nd night in a row. "Bloggers don't ever talk about anything relevant to me" As I watched women (some of whom I knew) courageously bare their souls on their personal illuminated pages.. I had to finally admit to myself that I was afraid. Afraid of people judging my writing. Afraid of being seen or exposed. Afraid of trying and failing.

Truth is it takes guts to tell your story, but if you don't.. you're just letting someone else narrate it for you.

That statement always takes me aback. It also leads me to my closing question.. what is your story? There's nothing wrong with saying you're still figuring it out. I am 24 years old and I still don't feel like i'm 100% of anything yet. But that shouldn't stop us from trying our best with what we've got.

They say you've only got one life to live and truly the only one thing you can control is your ENERGY. It's time to show up for yourself in a way that you never have before. If you're not the smartest or best at what you're trying to pursue yet, at least you can be the most passionate, the most prepared, the most positive or the warmest to be around. Be the most YOU you can be. That starts with believing you are worthy of the exact thing that you are afraid of. For me, it was reminding myself that my thoughts are worthy enough to be immortalized on to paper, and now on to screen. For you it may be something different, whatever it is. Remember you MATTER, your work MATTERS.

If you're gonna be 100% of anything, let it be you.

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