Now that you're here, let me introduce myself

My name is Mecca, bay area based content creator and social media manager. My love for all things digital started back in 2008 (man do I miss the myspace/aol era, good times). After graduating with a degree in Media Production I went on to work for tech & media companies like Yelp, BAYCAT and POPSUGAR. In these positions, I was able to immerse myself in the fields of production, advertising, sales and performance marketing. Ultimately, I realized these jobs weren't a good fit for me. However, the takeaways from these experiences was how powerful marketing really is. I now dedicate most of my time to helping small business entrepreneurs grow their businesses through branded content and social media strategy.


The work I create is directly tied to the belief I have that everyone deserves to feel joy in what they do for a living. I am an advocate for holistic healing, mental wellness and designing a life you no longer feel you have to run away from. My work and emphasis on natural care reflect that. In working with me you can expect to be joining forces with someone who is culturally aware, creative and goes the extra mile.

Enough about me though,

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